National Association of Teachers of Singing


Article I – Chapter Name

As chartered by the Board of Directors of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Incorporated (hereafter referred to as “NATS”) and subject to its By-laws, the name of this organization is the INDIANA Chapter of the NATS.

Article II –Mission and Code of Ethics

The INDIANA Chapter adopts fully the stated mission of NATS. “The mission of NATS is to encourage the highest standards of the vocal art and of ethical principles in the teaching of singing; and to promote vocal education, proper vocal health, and research at all levels, both for the enrichment of the general public and for the professional advancement of the talented.” The INDIANA Chapter, as an organization, subscribes without reservation to the NATS Code of Ethics.

Article III – Membership

Teachers of singing who have been accepted by NATS into full membership, associate or affiliate membership are immediately eligible to join the INDIANA Chapter upon payment of annual chapter dues. Teachers of singing who have been accepted by the National Association into emeritus membership are immediately eligible to join the INDIANA Chapter upon their statement of intent, but are not required to pay chapter dues. No national member in good standing will be denied membership in the INDIANA Chapter. However, such chapter membership will automatically be terminated when a member resigns or is dropped from membership in the National Association, or for non-payment of Chapter dues according to Article VII.

Article IV – Officers and Board of Directors

Chapter officers comprising the Board of Directors shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to five Members-at-large. The term of office shall be two years, except for the Members-at-large, who shall be elected on an annual rotating basis for terms to be determined at will. The President- elect will attend meetings for a period of time determined by the Board of Directors before assuming office.

The President shall call and preside at all meetings of the Chapter. The President will communicate with the Governor and other regional and national officers and should carry out the mission of NATS in the State of Indiana.

The Vice-President shall assist the President in her/his duties and preside at meetings when the President is absent. She/He shall normally move up to the presidency after serving as Vice-President.
Neither the President nor the Vice-President shall serve consecutively for more than two terms. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and conduct necessary correspondence,
unless another chapter member is designated for this task. In conformity with published deadline dates, the secretary will submit chapter news and activity reports, as requested, to the NATS executive office and/or the Regional Governor. Election of Chapter officers shall be immediately reported to the Regional Governor.

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of the finances of the Chapter; send annual dues notices; receive payment of dues; send statements of unpaid dues to members after the deadline date established by the Board of Directors has passed; notify delinquent members that they have been dropped from Chapter membership; and pay all properly authorized bills of the Chapter. The Treasurer shall annually submit to the membership a written report of the chapter’s finances.

Members-at-Large participate as members of the Board of Directors attending Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled. They represent the general membership on issues of interest or concern, particularly those that arise outside of the standing committee structure. Special officers, committees, or chairpersons may be appointed by the President to serve in such temporary capacities as occasions may demand. Members-at-large conduct projects to further the goals of the organization or to develop services for the membership at the request of the Board.

The Board of Directors shall outline programs; direct policies to encourage activity and growth of the Chapter; secure speakers and other talent for the meetings; and promote the membership in the Chapter in accordance with the membership requirements established by NATS.

Any administrative officer, whether elected or appointed, shall cease to hold office upon termination of his/her membership in NATS. Upon proof of due cause, any elected officer may be removed from office by two-thirds vote of the Chapter membership.

Article V – Meetings

An announcement of a chapter meeting, with proposed agenda and program should be mailed to the Chapter members at least twenty-one days prior to the date of each meeting. Chapter meetings will be held at times and places most convenient to the largest number of members. In the case of those chapters that serve a large geographical area, chapter meetings should rotate to various parts of that area. Chapter meetings may be called by the president or by any responsible segment of the membership, provide in the latter instance that Chapter officers and the remainder of the Chapter membership are notified at least twenty-one days in advance of such a meeting. There shall be at least one meetings of the Chapter each year.

Article VI – Elections and Quorum

A nominating committee appointed by the President will provide a slate of nominees for the offices named above elicited from the membership. The meeting at which an election will take place will be announced as such to all members of the Chapter at least twenty-one days in advance of the meeting date and the slate of nominees will be given. All members in good standing may vote by using electronic mail or mailed ballots. Officers elected will take office at once, serving until the next election, two years hence. A quorum will consist of one-third of the active membership.

Article VII – Dues and Assessments

The annual Chapter dues, to be determined by the members of the Chapter, are payable by October 1st or if participating in the Fall Student Auditions, dues may be paid with the registration fees. Notices of non-payment of dues shall be sent to delinquent members immediately after that date. If any remain unpaid after February 15th, said membership should automatically cease. Assessments over and above the annual dues may be made for special events necessitating unusual expenditures only where such a motion is entertained at a meeting when a quorum is present and said motion is passed by a majority vote.

Article VIII – Program and Procedures

The programs of the INDIANA Chapter properly may include social, promotional, professional, and educational activities at the discretion of its officers and members, so long as such activities are consistent with the Purposes and Code of Ethics stated in Article II above.

Robert’s Rules of Order (latest revised edition) shall govern all meetings. The regular order of business at all meetings of the Board of Directors shall be as follows, unless changed by vote of the members present:

Call to order and introductions: roll call by signature

Appointment of a parliamentarian
Adoption of the agenda.
Reading and approval of past minutes.
Reports of officers of the Board.
Reports of special committees.
Other business and/or unfinished business.
New business.

Article IX – Amendments

With the exception of articles I, II, and III, which may not be amended or revoked, the By-laws of this Chapter may be repealed, modified, altered or amended, or new Bylaws adopted by a vote of the Chapter membership. A two-thirds vote of all full and emeritus members present and/or by proxy is required, whether the vote is taken at a meeting or by mail. A quorum as stated elsewhere is required. Notification of contemplated change or amendment must be submitted to the membership in writing at least thirty days prior to vote.