Great Lakes Region Auditions

Mar 2, 2024 at Western University in London, Ontario

Registration open

AuditionNOW Update


The National Office has assured us that you will be able to log into the new system using a single sign-on through the National NATS website AND that it will be easier than past years.  When you log into, it should take you to your “Member Home” page.  (If not, you can simply click on your email address in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and it will take you to your “Member Home” page.).  You can then scroll to the bottom of the “Member Home” page where you will find the button to register for an audition. You will simply click on the registration button, and it will take you directly to AuditionNow, where you will already be logged in and able to register yourselves and your students.

  • Select Location-upper left corner of screen-Indiana
  • Select Event-middle of screen-Indiana NATS Chapter 2023 Register yourself.
  • Register you students. DO NOT PAY UNTIL ALL STUDENTS HAVE  BEEN REGISTERED and you have confirmed the information.

Visit the NATS NSA website resource page and review all of the guidelines for video submissions (for Commercial Music Only for Indiana) categories, rubrics, etc.   If entering CM categories, please look for the separate online event for CM categories.

A fillable Information Sheet was sent to you in mid-August to help collect all of the student information needed to register your students.  (Once you enter your students’ information into AuditionNow the first time, that information will be in the system from year to year, and there will be some exciting new features that allow you easy access to all your students’ information at any time throughout the year!). It is highly encouraged you send the information sheet to your students or have them complete it at their lessons, so you have ALL the information needed to register your students for the first time.  Please wait to pay your fees until all students have been registered and you have verified their information.

The adjudicator training videos for Children and Youth Categories and Commercial Music Categories  are getting very positive reviews. You may wish to review those for future auditions. Additional training videos for spirituals and musical theatre categories will be becoming soon
We are one of the first chapters to use the software and will likely run into glitches and issues that will need to be worked out by the developer.  Parts of the software, scheduling etc. are still being developed and finished.  Should you have questions or run in to issues please send us an email and we will work through it together.  We still do not have Administration access yet but have been assured we will this week.  This should not affect you registering your students.  We just ask for your patience and support.  All of Indiana’s policies remain the same:

  • An Accompanist may only play for 10 events.
  • Students must provide Adjudication Sheets to the judges on the day of the auditions.
  • All instructors are required to judge on the day of auditions.
  • Instructors wishing to be excused from judging must pay a $75.00 fee in addition to the $40.00 registration fee, to support the hiring of a replacement judge.
  • Students may register for more than one category (Classical, Musical Theatre, CCM)
  • Each registered event is $15.00 per event. Happy registering, and let us know if you have any questions!

Tammie Huntington
David B Mannell

Regulations and Resources

Students will provide adjudication sheets to judges on the day of the auditions.

After the 2019 Indiana NATS student auditions, members voted to require students to provide their adjudication sheets for the judges on the day of the auditions. It is assumed Instructors will print those from AuditionNOW and provide them to their students prior to the auditions.


Members registering students are required to judge on the day of the auditions.  Additional fees will be charged for those requesting to be released.

Registration Fees

  • Student Registration: $15.00 per event
  • Teacher Registration: $40.00
  • Teacher Release Request: $75.00 (in addition to Teacher Registration)
  • Staff Accompanist: $30.00 (3 Songs) (Categories 3-6, 12 & HJ) $40.00 (4-5 Songs) (Categories 7-10)

Confirming Repertory

You are asked to please check and double check the repertory you are entering for each student to make sure it meets the requirements for their category. The category labeling has been changed but repertory requirements for each category remain the same. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a piece meeting the repertory requirement please contact the hosts Dana Zenobi, Oliver Worthington,  or David B Mannell  immediately so your questions can be answered and an official decision made. Should a repertoire change need to occur, you and your student will have time to make the change. Any student’s repertoire that does not meet the category requirement will sing for “Comments Only.”

For complete NSA Regulations and Resources

NSA Resource Page

We hope you and your students will be a part of this exciting and rewarding experience.